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Our marine surveyors ensure that the scrap metal inspections are performed in accordance with the company's inspection guidelines, and the cargo being loaded on board the vessel conforms to ISRI codes and standards.

INSPEX Marine Services, LLC can perform inspections at the loading ports in the U.S., and the discharging ports in Europe and Asia, through its well-established marine inspection network.

Bulk Shipments:

  • Yard inspection
  • On hire hold condition survey
  • Draft survey (initial and final)
  • Intermediate draft surveys
  • Visual quality assessment for HMS 1/2, Shredded and P&S
  • Impurity, oversize, off-grade estimation
  • Shredded density check
  • Supervision of loading
  • Photographs
  • Radioactivity monitoring

Containerized Shipments:

  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • Visual quality assessment
  • Impurity, oversize, off-grade estimation
  • Density Calculation
  • Supervision of loading
  • Photographs
  • Weighing supervision
  • Radioactivity monitoring
  • Container sealing

We ensure that the documentation for the Letter of Credit is done as soon as the loading is complete.

L/C documentation includes the following:

  • Quality Certificate
  • Certificate of Weight
  • Draft Survey Report
  • Non-Radioactive Certificate

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